When it comes to the internet, everyone has some level of expertise. We believe this to be absolutely 100% accurate. At, VWebR, we too have some level of expertise, and since we’ve actually been doing it since 1980, we have come to the realization that we will always have a lot to learn.

Longevity can only speak in volumes, and we’ve got this going for us!

It all began in our small apartment running a BBS on a couple of 300baud modems, and now we host on servers located strategically around the world. My how times have changed, but ironically, we have kept up with the changes and made a business out of it.
We’re not one of the BIG guys, but we’re just as capable, and probably because of that, much easier to work with. We can say that knowing that our customers believe it also.

If you’re tired of talking to people you can’t understand, and would rather have a friendly response to your needs, then you’re looking at a very good alternative!

For more information, contact us here!