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How do I resgister a domain name?
Registering a domain name is very easy. You can go to our Domain Registration page, answer all of the questions on our form, and you will be taken to our PayPal ordering page. After your PayPal order has been confirmed, your requested Domain Name will be researched and, if available, created for you. We will then point it to our servers for hosting.

How can I host my domain name?
You can host any domain name on our servers, for information on which types of domains are not authorized, please review our Terms and Conditions. By going to our Hosting plan page, you will be able to select the plan best suited for your needs. Answer all of the questions on our form, and you will be taken to our PayPal ordering page. After your PayPal order has been confirmed, you will receive an email and phone call so that your order will be expidited and set up.

What if I don’t want my domain name hosted at Virtual Web Resources?
Your domain name registration can be hosted on the servers of your choice. You are not obligated to purchase our hosting plan. Upon approval of your Domain Registration, we will confirm the place to point your name to.

Can I just renew my domain name here?
Yes, we also offer renewals for your Domain Names. We ask that your renewal request is completed at least 30 days in advance of your expiration. You will be contacted by someone from our staff to assist you in renewing your Damian Name.

How is my account billed?
When your order is first placed, it will be done through our Online Merchant Account. This enables you to pay by Credit Card. Future billings will be handled in multiple ways. We can maintain a billing structure where as your account will be billed monthly in advance. Or, with approved credit, you can establish a net 30 account with Virtual Web Resources. You will be e-mailed an invoice monthly for the next months services, and our terms will be established at the time you open your account.

What if I don’t have a Credit Card account set up?
When you first request our services, you will be taken to our secure payment Merchant Account page. If you wish, you will be allowed to set up an account at this time. If you desire to set up terms instead of using you credit card, you must contact us first to establish your credit account.

Do you offer discounts for longer term contracts?
Yes we do. We offer discounts for longer term accounts. Our basic service agreement is monthly, and we require a 30 day cancellation notice. If you desire to structure a longer contract, please contact us for more information.

Can I be the web master for my hosting account?
There are no requirements for web masters on your account. Virtual Web Resources offers this service, but we do not require you use our design services to host your web site.

Is there a cost for Customer Service or Technical Support?
There are costs involved for Customer Service and Technical Support. If you are a hosted account, some of these costs are included with your services. For more information, please contact us or go to our Terms and Conditions.

What happens if I wish to cancel my services?
You can cancel your services with us at any time. We do, however, require a 30 day notice for this cancellation in writing, or by e-mail.

Do you offer Dial-up Services or DSL?
We offer a complete range of Dial up and DSL services through a second party ISP. We can assist you on registering for this service anywhere in the Continental United States.

Can I view your Terms & Conditions?
Our Terms & Conditions page is available to view. If you have any questions still not answered by these FAQ’s, please leave us feedback.

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