Welcome to Virtual Web Resources!

We’re beyond your average website hosting company! Because when you contact us, you’ll actually talk to a real live person. We host many websites with a diverse group of companies and individuals. Everything to possibly suit your needs.

Currently operating on Linux servers, located strategically around the world. Our purpose for this was to avoid power issues from grids that may cause us to completely go down. While we wish to boast an uptime of 100%, we would only be fibbing (like the others). However, when issues do arise, we have a crew of highly experienced individuals that are at your service.

Simply put. This is one of the best companies and individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure working with!

In operation since 1980, our longevity in this business is unlike any you’ll ever come across. We essentially started when the first computers came out. We worked with local programmers to build our reputation, and have never stopped improving with the current and future of the internet.

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